About APT


Role in logistics and transportation

The Freight Forwarders of Mauritius have been instrumental in the emergence of Mauritius as a reputed textile manufacturing base, the re-exportation of products from Asia to Southern and Eastern African countries through the Mauritius Freeport, the growing positioning of our island as a seafood hub and for the smooth flow of imported and exported goods.

A freight forwarder is often defined as an architect of transport for international trade. It ensures that the goods are moved from the point of origin to its final destination:

  • At the right place
  • At the expected time by being correctly documented to meet foreign government requirements
  • In good condition as the Freight Forwarder has correctly packed and labelled the goods
  • At the most economic cost

Freight forwarders, by acting as a single interface for the international movement of goods, are closely involved at all stages; whether in the management of transportation (air, sea, road, rail or multi-mode), customs procedures, consular formalities, documentation, warehousing...

Members of APT have developed the expertise to negotiate the best freight rates with transport providers due to the large volume of goods they send or receive.

Depending upon the nature of the cargo, we are in a position to compare the costs of moving cargo through different routes and modes before selecting the most functional one which will satisfy the needs of the customer in terms of cost, speed of delivery and reliability.

We can assist exporters in preparing their price quotations by integrating freight costs, port or airport charges, documentation and insurance costs as well as handling fees.

Once the Freight Forwarder's recommendations are accepted, it becomes the responsibility of the Freight Forwarder to ensure that the goods are transported and delivered as planned.

APT members play an essential role in the competitive edge of importing and exporting companies of Mauritius by elaborating solutions that are innovative, functional and contribute to reduce transport costs.