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2018 AGM APT

Dear Members,

I feel delighted to wish you a warm welcome like last year to our AGM. First of all, let me express my heartfelt thanks to you all for the trust you have placed in the managing committee. I would also like to extend my thanks to the other members of the managing committee who elected me as chairman for year 2017/2018 and for the team work that has prevailed during my mandate.
I remember that after the management committee for 2017/2018 was set up, I sent an email to all of you on the 28th March 2017 to give you details on each office bearer . Furthermore, to promote transparency and good governance, I invited you to attend as observers, the deliberations of the management committee. Unfortunately, we did not get a positive response.
Fortunately, we have been able to rely on the unflinching support of Alain Lohun who helped us by shouldering some responsibilities. He helped us to organise our get-together and he is following up with FIATA for training and also, concerning our application to organise RAME 2019 in Mauritius. He receives the support of Christine Ip,Jonathan,Yousouf and Dany to successfully complete these projects.
We are all doing a voluntary job .Let me take this opportunity to invite you to give a warm round of applause to all members of committee who have contributed to the advancement of APT during the past year and to other members who came forward to give a helping hand such as Julien who held meetings with the lawyers to reply to CCM and to accompany us to submit our reply to CCM.
I have tabled for your attention a file with some documents and copies of emails that I may make reference during my speech so as to help you get a better idea of our various actions.
I am also submitting to you the report we sent to CCM .See in the file email dated 30.06.2017
Julien was willing to help with legal support in relation to the amendment of section 19 of the Customs Regulation. We were ready to serve an injunction to the MRA Customs. Fortunately, we have been able to make a counter proposal to the Minister of Finance regarding the proposed amendments to be brought to Section 119 A of the Customs Act 1989 and Section 19 of the customs regulations .We benefitted from the support of Mr Raj Makond in holding a meeting with MOFED. Please go through emails of 21.07.2017, 28.07.2017, 13.12.2017 and 21.12.2017 for the latest proposal.
We have also looked for the help of FIATA to address this issue. See email dated 07.07.2017
Dear Members, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have initiated many activities and interventions to safe guard the interest of our members. We have taken an active part in many meetings. In addition to the regular monthly management meeting, we attended various meetings with the authorities, regulatory agencies and stakeholders.
Let me try to shed light on the number of meetings, interventions and workshops that we participated.
-12 Meetings of Management Committee.
-12 Board Meetings of MACCS and for this I am very thankful to Amil who replaced me whenever needed
-12 Port Users Council and here I have really appreciated the support of Mahen Gondea for attending these meetings.
During the past year, we were also the voice of the logistics industry of Mauritius in approximately 75 other meetings and sub committees in relation to:
- Preparation of Get-together of APT at le suffren which was a great success.
-Meetings with delegations of IATA,Customs ,MCCI, EDB/BOI,MOFED,FIU, ICAC,NAPRO,FISHRIES,Ministry of Foreign Affairs,MPA,CHL,Business of Mauritius.
I attended several meetings with the Police at central CID to give explanation on what is the job of a freight forwarder and why we cannot be held responsible for things not under our control.
We had work sessions with representative of World Bank in relation to the survey regarding Ease of Doing Business and Logistics Performance Index. See emails 23.01.2018 and 21.02.2018.
I had also three meetings with Mrs Mariella Sandini consultant of the European Union Delegation who came to conduct a field study with a view to improving the delivery services of Controlling Agencies for Import and Export. See email of 7.11.2017.
Meeting with lawyers to sort out issues with Competition Commission and to reply to the letter dated 15th February 2018 of Ocean Air International Ltd regarding the anonymous letter to Mauritius Telecom.
We have also organised a Special general meeting on the 8th August 2017 with the following agenda:
(1)Presentation by Maccs on the new CFS Functionalities.
(2) Feedback on request from Competition Commission
(3) Proposed amendment to Section 19 of MRA Custom.
We also addressed the issue of Bank Guarantee to IATA and Airlines and I am pleased that about 40 representatives of our members attended the meeting.
We attended meeting with EDB and succeeded to put on hold the new regulation regarding permit for another 70 items in relation to safety requirements for domestic electrical appliances and in accordance to the New Energy Efficiency Labelling Regulations.
We have also worked in close collaboration with Customs and MACCS in relation to the advance submission of manifest.
We had v rious meetings with BOI and MCCI to help in the reformulation of the amendment trading across borders- the Consumer Protection control of import regulations 1999.
We obtained the support of MCCI and BOI to force Customs to review its position regarding Section 13 (1) of the customs regulation concerning Invoice. This was also registered on TOAM. See emails dated 7.7.2017 and 31.08 2017.
We intervened at MRA Customs and few of us had a meeting with Mr Rajcoomar and Mr Pandoo for a mutual understanding regarding unstuffing, warehousing, and delivery of consol goods and to facilitate amendments for excess and nomarks. You will certainly recall that I sent you an email on 19.07.2017 regarding the Management of the Deliveries of Consolidated Cargo at CFS.
You probably do not know that Mr Ashok Dhurbarrylall of the Airport Customs wanted to impose a penalty on us for late submission of House Manifest (Itemised) .I raised this issue with Mr Bhekhee of MOFED and we are now on the safe side. See my email of 23.06.2017.
We also raised many issues with MRA Customs regarding the services at the Sea Port .See the email of 21.07.2017. The Director of Customs requested Mr J Claude Pandoo to do a follow-up on all issues we raised.
Some of us received letters from Customs on Post Clearance Audit and Compliance Review. Please refer to email sent to you on 12.05.2017. Amil being an accountant and a broker succeeded in dealing with the auditors from MRA Customs by quoting laws and regulations. I will invite members to liaise with Amil if they receive such a letter.
Last but not least, I have also attended several workshops organised by MCCI and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Regional Integration and International Trade on Trade Facilitation, Single Window .See email of 21.02.2018
The last workshop I attended was at MSB on the 20th March 2018.
I would also like to mention my participation at FIATA 2017 at Kuala Lumpur. I have sent you a report on the congress along with the presentation slides of three high-calibre speakers namely Mrs Ana Hinojosa, Director Compliance and Facilitation at the World Customs Organization, Mr Ankur Huria, Senior Private Sector Specialist-Trade Facilitation and Logistics at the World Bank and Dr Mohammad Saeed, Senior Trade Facilitation Adviser at the International Trade Centre, a joint agency of the United Nations and the WTO.
To put you in the picture of the congress, I am pleased to circulate copies of the slides and a copy of the POGRAMME BOOK of FIATA WORLD CONGRESS 2017 with three photos

Following our participation to the congress, we have been requested to submit our application to organise the regional conference of FIATA, RAME Meeting (Region Africa Middle East), in Mauritius in 2019. The deadline for the submission of the application was 1st March 2018. We have already submitted our application at the FIATA

Head Office Switzerland and we have received the support of Mr Afzal Delbar for the submission of our application. Mr Afzar Delbar was invited as President Customs House Brokers' Association (CHBA) and Chairman Federation of Clearing & Forwarding Associations of Southern Africa ( FCFASA) and he accepted to voluntarily submit the application on our behalf.
We have one competitor, Lebanon, which has also submitted its application to organise RAME 2019. As per the feedback of Mr Delbar, we are in a better position. We must thank Mr Afzal Delbar for having accepted to act on our behalf. The selection will be finalised during the RAME Meeting 2018 in Cameroun.
I would appreciate your full support to the APT for RAME 2019. This will raise the position of the APT internationally. We have already requested the patronage of the government and the MCCI. We will contact other organisations like MPA, CHL, Air Mauritius and other stakeholders.
The new management committee will have to do the follow-up on our participation to RAME 2018 in Cameroun and World Congress 2018 in Delhi.
Please give your blessings so that we can be selected for RAME 2019.
I would like to point out that other Freight Forwarders which are not members of APT are also benefiting from our achievements. With the project of making Mauritius a LOGISTIC HUB, all Freight Forwarders will have to comply with the international rules of freight forwarding in order to become recognised Forwarders. In this context APT may act as a facilitator. APT can share its expertise.
To end, I wish to express my gratitude and thanks to Mrs Christiane Charlot , Vagen .Vijeta from the MCCI for their usual support.
I also wish to thank Mr Asif, our auditor for his professional commitment and to Jonathan ,for the great job he did as treasurer of our association.
Thank you members of the various committees and to you all for your sincere support and Varen who is an excellent PRO. A special word of thank to the ladies of the management committee for their support namely Christine Ip, Hawanty and Dany.We need more support from ladies and now we may possibly get the support of Amina as adviser as now she is free.

Thank You.



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Since more than 40 years, APT, the Association Professionnelle des Transitaires, regroups all major freight forwarders and plays a pivotal role in the transportation and clearing of cargo and express courier for the business community and for individuals as well. We act as facilitators of the international trade for Mauritian exporters and importers. Furthermore, we add value to the supply chain. Several of our members have their own CFS Warehouse.

To be able to offer to our customers a first-class service, we have to rely on the unflinching support of all stakeholders in the logistics chain, namely the MRA Customs, Mauritius Network Services and Mauritius Cargo Community Services Ltd which are responsible for the exchange of information, documents and validation of declarations of the freight forwarders.

We also act as an interface for the business community with all those involved in the movement of air or sea cargo such as the MPA, Cargo Handling Corporation, Shipping agents and Airline Agents, MNS and MACCS.

The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Customs, Board of Investment and Enterprise Mauritius are also helping us in our drive to enhance the effectiveness of the logistics industry of Mauritius. We, freight forwarders, are receiving all necessary support to fulfil our obligations and I wish to voice out to all our partners our sincere thanks and recognition for their support.

We are sparing no effort to improve the dwell time taken for clearance and are thus contributing to improve the Logistics Performance Index of Mauritius. I would like to point out that there have been major enhancements regarding the clearance procedures, namely the advance submission of manifest, the electronic payment and the delivery without verification of all green channel declarations for all compliant importers and agents.

The government through the BOI with the support of Business Mauritius, the MCCI and APT are elaborating appropriate policies to continually improve clearance processes. Moreover, all freight forwarders are investing in additional professional resources and new Information Technology infrastructure to stay in line with the reforms. We are now preparing ourselves for the introduction of the single window application.

We are also very thankful to the Ministry of Finance and the Director of customs who has given due consideration to our request regarding the amendments they brought to section 119A of the Customs Act 1989 and section 19 of Customs regulations Act . We have made recommendations that will help MRA Customs exercise a better control on all relevant activities. We would humbly request the MRA Customs to work hand in hand with Freight Forwarders and Customs House Brokers to help attain a highly transparent working environment.

I invite all our partners to reap the maximum benefits of the APT Platform, to communicate with all freight forwarders in Mauritius and all over the world. Our association will do its level best to provide as usual its full collaboration.

We will not hesitate to leverage on our partnership with FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, a non-governmental organisation, representing today approximately 40,000 forwarding and logistics firms, employing around 8 million people in 150 countries. Our Affiliation to FIATA is helping us to confidently take up all the challenges.

The clearance of goods is quite different than booking freight .The technical knowledge required continually changes. I seize this opportunity to point out that a Customs House Broker duties are quite distinct from someone that is handling freight .The contribution of Freight Forwarders to the Mauritian economy is very significant. In the name of all freight forwarders I wish to assure the MRA Customs and all stakeholders that members of APT will continue to offer their cooperation and collaboration to continuously improve the import and export procedures.

APT will ensure that all its members follow quality procedure and remain compliance to all laws and regulations. When we talk of improvement we naturally also talk about reducing the cost of doing business and dwell time for cargo clearance.

We would like to make a special appeal to the authorities so that freight forwarders continue to benefit all necessary support in their future endeavours. In the end, our beloved country, the business community and the consumers will benefit from all improvements and cost reductions.



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