President 2015

Message of the President of APT

As the elected President of APT for 2015/ 2016, I have set as one of my main objectives to lead the association to new heights in the current context of Mauritius positioning itself as the maritime hub of the Indian Ocean.

With the unflinching support of the Executive Committee of APT as well as our 45 member companies, I am confident that our collective endeavours will yield fruitful results to the business community of Mauritius and of the world at large.

Since its creation in 1976, the ĎAssociation Professionnelle des Transitairesí (APT), the Professional Association of Freight Forwarders, has been the driving force behind the logistics sector in Mauritius, shaping the successive pillars of its economy.

We have not only made key contributions in the seamless movement of cargo to and from Mauritius, but also stood up in promoting world-class business practices and ethical ....(read more)

Friday, 24th Jul 2015

Council meeting

The latest Annual General Meeting of APT

The Professional Association of Freight Forwarders (‚ÄėAssociation Professionnelle des Transitaires‚Äô) held its Annual General Meeting on the 23rd March 2017, in the presence of the director of Customs, Vivekanand Ramburun, at the headquarters of the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The President of APT, Gupta Gopaul called for closer cooperation between the members of the association and the customs services to achieve a highly transparent working environment.

He added that APT acts as a facilitator of international trade and plays a critical role in the transportation and clearance of goods not only for the business community but also for individuals.

He expressed his thanks to the Ministry of Finance and the Director of customs for the due consideration they gave to APT’s request to bring amendments to section 119A of the Customs Act 1989 and to section 19 of ....(read more)

Wednesday, 5th Apr 2017

Sea transport

What impact may have the Brexit on impact on freight and logistics?

Robert Keen, the director general of the British International Freight Association (BIFA), stated to the press that the freight forwarders will work closely with the British government to ‚Äútry and ensure that the movement of the United Kingdom‚Äôs visible import and export trade does not become overburdened by over-complicated trade procedures‚ÄĚ.

He added that there are significant areas of concern for the freight forwarders members of the British International Freight Association, especially on the physical infrastructure for the movement of goods, trade arrangements and Customs practices.

These aspects will be reviewed during the negotiations for Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Furthermore, representatives of the different ports of the United Kingdom, stressed on the need for trade facilitation and expressed their concern that customs requirements or checks at ....(read more)

Wednesday, 5th Apr 2017